The SCCER-FURIES Board is the decision body of SCCER-FURIES. The Board consists of one representative of each Academic Research Partner and  four representatives of the Cooperation Partners.


Academic Research Partners 


EPFL mario

Prof. Dr. Mario Paolone
ELL 136 (Bâtiment ELL)
Station 11
CH-1015 Lausanne

Institutional Profil

ETHZ biela
Prof. Dr. Juergen Biela
Physikstrasse 3,
CH-8092 Zürich
USI  schenk
Prof. Dr. Olaf Schenk

Via Giuseppe Buffi 13
Universita della Svizzera italina

CH-6900 Lugano
HES-SO  favreperrod Prof. Dr. Patrick Favre-Perrod

Bd de Pérolles 80 – CP 32
CH-1705 Fribourg
SUPSI  rudel Prof. Dr. Roman Rudel


Trevano – Blocco B

Via Trevano,

CH-6952 Canobbio



  ZHAW  Korba Prof. Dr. Petr Korba 


School of Engineering
Technikumstrasse 9,

CH-8400 Winterthur 

  FHNW  Gysel Prof. Dr. Peter Gysel

Bahnhofstrasse 6,
CH- 5210 Windisch 
  BFH  Muntwyler Prof. Dr. Urs Muntwyler


Jlcoweg 1

CH- 3400 Burgdorf


HSR smajic
Prof. Dr. Jasmin Smajic
Oberseestrasse 10
Postfach 1475
CH-8640 Rapperswil
HSLU WeberMarin
Prof. Dr. Andrea Weber Marin

Technikumstrasse 21

CH-6048 Horw

Cooperation Partners


ABB Naef                               
Dr. Martin Naef                                                            
Department Head Automation
ABB Schweiz AG
Corporate Research
Segelhofstrasse 1K
CH-5405 Baden-Dättwil                                                                              
BKW Krone


Dr. Oliver Krone
Head of Smart Grid Engineering
BKW Energie AG

Dr. Schneider Strasse 10

CH-2560 Nidau   
Romande Energie


Mr. John Epars
Responsable Stratégie et Innovation
Romande Energie SA 
Rue de Lausanne 53
CH-1110 Morges

Marek Zima

Dr. Marek Zima
Head Market Development
Swissgrid Ltd 
Werkstrasse 12
CH-5080 Laufenburg

Duties and Power

    The Board, chaired by the SCCER-FURIES Head, shall exercise the following duties and powers:
  1. Approve the yearly financial and scientific monitoring reports submitted jointly by the Head and the Project Manager.
  2. Decide to request modifications to the capacity building according to Article 3.2 Innosuisse Contract.
  3. Approve changes to the work plan 2017-2020 for submission to the Innosuisse SCCER Steering Committee as defined in the Innosuisse Contract.
  4. Approve the regularly updated Innovation Roadmap and the Top Innovation Chart proposed to tackle the identified challenges and reaching the objectives set in the Energy Strategy 2050, submitted by the EcCom through the Head.
  5. Approve the action plan of ExCom on the addressing of the Innosuisse Evaluation Panel requirements. 
  6. Supervise the Head.
  7. Promote the Center goals in industry and politics.
  8. Ensure that the Governance Regulations are followed.
  9. Identify a Partner Institute or Cooperation Partner as being in breach.
  10. Identify a Partner Institute or Cooperation Partner as a Defaulting Party and define the remedies to be performed in this case.
  11. Terminate the participation of the Partner Institute or Cooperation Partner in the Center and define the consequences thereof for the Center;
  12. Decide one the dissolution of the Center.
  13. Define consequences of a Partner Institute withdrawal for the Center.
  14. Admit new Research Partners and/or Partners Institute.
  15. Nomination of new WP Leaders or Sub-task Leaders.