Past Events

October 2018

October 22nd, 2018

This event was focused on the “ Guarantee adequate stability, reserves and system-wise services for the bulk power system ” and brought together 180 experts on smart grids from the academic, private and public sector in Switzerland.
Participants had the opportunity to get insights on the research on smart grids in Switzerland; meet the experts behind innovation products/solutions and explore potentials for new collaborations.
Best Poster Competition took place in the frame of SCCER-FURIES Annual Conference 2018 and it was welcomed with the high participation and positive impressions by the participants.  More info about the competition here.

November 2017


SwissTech Convention Center, Lausanne

More information


Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen

October 2017


Empa Akademie, Dübendorf

September 2017


EPFL, Lausanne


St. Gallen


WSL, Birmensdorf


ETH, Zürich

May 2017


Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen
SCCER HaE & PSI Electrochemistry Symposium


University of St. Gallen


Messe Congress Graz, Austria

March 2017


SwissTech Convention Center, Lausanne


HEIG-VD, Yverdon-les-Bains

SCCER-FURIES events and Training activities

Apr 28th, 2016:
Writing and publishing in academia (EN) (University of Lausanne)  Workshop on the development of soft skills (only for female scientists from French speaking part of Switzerland; REGARD’ program rules) Further info
Jun 6th-17th, 2016:
“Eurotech-Energy systems: from Physics to Systems” summer school  (EPFL, Lausanne) Summer school on the power systems sponsored by SCCER-FURIES and SCCER-HaE. Free of charge for SCCER students. Further info
Sep 5th-9th, 2016:
PhD summer school on system models in life cycle assessment (EN) (Grosshöchstetten) Summer school on sustainability issues.
Dec 2nd, 2016:
SCCER-FURIES 3rd Annual Conference (Lausanne) Please book the date and further information will follow in due time.
Apr 15th, 2016:
Optimization of data management for your research data (EN) (Lausanne) Workshop on data management organised by SCCER-FURIES. Free of charge but registrations are required
Apr 14th-15th, 2016:
Swiss Energy Research Conference: From Invention to Innovation (EN/FR/DE) (Luzern) Further info
Apr 13th-15th, 2016:
Renewable Distributed Generation Forum (Lausanne) Further info
Mar 31st, 2016:
Communication in science (EN) (Lausanne) Further info
Apr 13th-15th, 2016:
Renewable Distributed Generation Forum (EN) (Lausanne) Further info
Mar 31st, 2016:
Communication in science (EN) (Lausanne) Further info
Nov 25th, 2015:
2015 SCCER-FURIES Annual Conference (EN)  (Swiss Tech Convention Center, Lausanne)  1st Announcement and Registration
Nov 25th, 2015:
Board meeting (Lausanne)
Jul 17th, 2015:
2nd Demonstrator Task Force meeting (Bern)
Apr 27th, 2015:
1st Demonstrator Task Force meeting (Bern)
May 29th, 2015:
Joint Board and Scientific Board meeting (Bern)
May 28th, 2015:
Plenary meeting (EN) (Bern)
May 21th, 2015:
“Le réseau électruque de demain” (FR/EN)  (Lausanne)  Registration
Feb 17th, 2015:
ALPENMAT Project workshop (EN)  (Lugano)  More info
Dec 15th, 2014:
1st SCCER-FURIES Annual Conference (EN) (Swiss Tech Convention Center, Lausanne)   1st Announcement and Registration
Dec 15th, 2014:
2nd Board Meeting (Lausanne)
Nov 21st, 2014:
Heads meeting (Lausanne)
Nov 07th, 2014:
Site visit (Lausanne)
Oct 24th, 2015:
1st Scientific Day on Demand Side Response / Management (EN) (Sion) Agenda
Oct 10th, 2014:
WP1 meeting  (BFH, Burgdorf)
Oct 8th-9th, 2014:
AlpStore Autumn School on Storage Technologies for Sustainable Development (EN)  (Lugano)
Oct 02nd, 2014:
1st Board meeting  (virtual)
Sep 02nd, 2014:
WP2 meeting (Zurich)
Jul  01st, 2014:
Plenary meeting (EN) (Lausanne)
Jun 02nd, 2014:
WP2 meeting (Zurich)
Mar 20th, 2014:
WP1 meeting (Lausanne)
Mar 11th, 2014:
WP3 meeting (Lausanne)
Jan 30th, 2014:
Kick-off meeting (Lausanne)

Note: For more details about the Plenary meeting such as Agenda, Background Documents and Minutes please visit the intranet (access restricted to SCCER-FURIES Partners).

Event of other SCCERs and other groups

Apr 27th, 2016:
Electrolytes: The Underestimated Player in Electrochemical Processes (EN)  (Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen (Auditorium West)) Presentations on the selected classes of electrolytes in technically relevant and emerging electrochemical devices. Further info
May 9th-13th, 2016:
Smart Grids Week (DE/EN) (Linz, Austria (LINZ AG, Wiener Straße 151)) International conference on the status quo of the smart grid related research especially in Europe. Further info
Jun 1st-3rd, 2016:
2016 International Energy Workshop (University of Cork) The IEW provides a venue for scholars and researchers to compare quantitative energy projections, to understand the reasons for diverging views of future energy developments, and to observe new trends in global energy production and consumption. Further info
Sep 1st, 2016:
SCCER-CREST Annual Conference 2016 (EN) (ZHAW, Winterthur) Please book the date and further information will follow in due time
Sep 12th-13th, 2016:
SCCER-SoE Annual Conference 2016 (Sion) Please book the date and further informatino will follow in due time.
Oct 5th, 2016:
Journée de l’Energie (FR) (Martigny CERM) Conference on the new power production and storage technologies Further info
 Sep 18th, 2015  SCCER-EIP 2nd Annual Conference (Zurich). Further info
 Sep 10-11th, 2015  SCCER-SoE 2nd Annual Conference (Neuchâtel) Program
 Sep 08th, 2015  SCCER-CREST 2nd Annual Conference (St.Gallen) Program
 Aug 26-27th, 2015  SCCER-Mobility 2nd Annual Conference (Zurich) Program
 Jan 16th, 2015  Swiss Symposium Thermal Energy Storage (Luzern) Registration
 Dec 02nd, 2014  SCCER-BioSweet Annual Conference (PSI) Program
 Nov 04th, 2014  SCCER-HaE Annual Conference (PSI) Program